The importance of Font..

I came across an article recently about the importance of font. It really brought to my attention  how much i have to consider when choosing a font..

“When designing a logo or other material for your business, most people will probably know about the importance of factors such as colours, space, shapes and design. Sure, designing a logo is about all these things and a visually easily recognisesable logo is a must.

However, choosing the right font for your material is equally as important. In fact many incredibly successful products are almost synonymous with a certain kind of font. Think about Coca Cola’s curved font or IBM’s clear cut letters. Those fonts have become visually ingrained in peoples conception of the brand.

Choosing the right font type for your company logo is not just about recognisability, its also about choosing a font that communicates the right message to the general public. It has to do with congruently. If for example your business has to do with something solid and hands on like construction, most people would probably find it more than just a little curious if your company logo had elegant swinging letters!

Likewise if your business is about wedding arrangements, most couples about to get married would feel uncomfortable about doing business with a online printing company which uses large, sharp letters.

As such you can see how it is important to think about the font type you use in your promotional material, including your logo. Let us look in general at two different font types first:

Rounded edges or sharp edges?

Rounded edges on letters have a distinct relaxing and calm feeling. If you are selling something that provides pleasure of some sort such as entertainment, food, drinks etc., then rounded edges could be the right choice. Many producers of pre-packed foods and sweets use rounded edges for these reasons.

On the other hand, say you were an accounting firm, then rounded edges would probably not seem very trustworthy. Customers would more likely respond better to a basic, firm font, that communicates reliability, professionalism and truth. Think of IBM’s rock solid font. Generally people have been found to associate rounded edges with creativity, relaxing and fun, while sharp edges have been associated with professionalism, seriousness and thrust.

Another thing to consider is to use a font that already is recognisesable. This doesn’t mean having to copy another business font, but using the same basic font for your own business can give you instant recognisability. Some successful brands have used the same fonts in their logos for decades, simply because they work. Coca Cola have not change their fonts and neither have IBM.

By choosing a font that is similar to a successful product in the same niche there is an added value, because people will automatically connect that font to a successful product. This way you can save yourself a lot of hassle and testing by going with something that has already stood the test of time.

Today, business printing services offer an amazing selection of choice for fonts to use in logos and other promotional material. Digital printing makes experimenting with different fonts easy and fast, so you get just the font you need to promote your business effectively.”

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These are some great fonts that i have found that although will not work on a permanent basis they are great inspiration when it comes to titling shoots later in my work as well as gathering an understanding of how a title can encapsulate the purpose and theme of the logo or wording being used.

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