Behind the Scenes- Affine Phoenix

Shot at Paddington’s Metro Screens, the film team used state of the art equipment to produce the amazing effects seen in the film. ‘Affine Phoenix’ was shot in front of a large green screen using an amazing camera- allowing us to capture up to 700 frames per second!

Our model for the day Jessica Banzon, was such a trooper. Strapped into an insane pair of geometric shoes, thrown on a trampoline and bundled with metres of fabric hidden in her back (note to self: sheer fabric do not work when shooting on green screen!! I learned that the hard way) – she jumped and posed through the whole day with amazing vitality.  The make up and body paint for the day was designed by Martin Bray and executed by Chereine Waddell with Hair Stylist Christophe Conrad designing and styling the hair for the shoot…

However although the behind the scenes video end here… there is still much to be done.. Thanks to the amazing team at colonel panic and in particular Rick Pearce- Jessica is on her way to becoming a super human affine phoenix!