Zip it up

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Fashion and technology design firm Electrofoxy has created a zip-jacket which looks good but at the same time is functional. Zipping the jacket up will increase the volume of your music coming from the built-in headphones, and unzipping it will lower the sound.

There are already jackets which feature musical controls on the market. They are hardly a new concept. But most involve device controls inside pockets or hoods to enable the wearer to control their music.

The zip jacket does away with additional devices by creating a product that uses an existing fashion fastening device – the zip.

Electrofoxy hopes that the design of the jacket will streamline the existing walking music clothing out there already but at the same time be fashionable.

Take a look at the jacket below. What do you think? Have the designers got it right? Is it smart, and ‘sexy’,  which is the look the design team say they are aiming for.

PS Just for the record the zip jacket also features retractable ear plugs.