Who is Delemma?


Time-pressed. Tech-savvy. Multi-tasker. Confident. Overextended. Ambitious. Weary of advertising. Socially-conscious. Individualistic. Creative.

The Delemma market is primarily aimed at women, aged between 18-30 and specially to the segment of the women within this age group that are interested and influenced by fashion trends. The users of Delemma fall within generation y, a very large and economically powerful generation, containing eighty-two million people that spend around $200 billion annually. They lead a life with limitless choices that extends to information, media, marketing, their personal lives, and their professional paths. Their wide and prevalent use of the internet combined with their distinct position of growing up exposed to advanced technology, makes them a unique target for advertisers. While their peers heavily inspire this group of women, they are far from conformist. Rather, they see themselves as independent, creative, confident and individualistic.

This is a market that is not limited by geography. They communicate online with friends, some they have never met. Yet, they depend on these friends for product recommen dations and brand discovery. Delemma’s market are active participants in their media usage. They want to contribute, comment, and respond to their peers.


 Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Harper

“Charlotte is a 24 year old female has worked in fashion PR for most of her early career and has recently moved to a position, as assistant buyer at an online shopping website. She has studied at her local university a ‘media and communications’ degree and is strongly career driven. Charlotte recently moved out of home for the first time and lives in an apartment in Bondi with her two girlfriends who also share her passion for fashion. Although moving out has lowered her budget slightly, she still allows for around $200 per week in fashion purchases, and will often use a credit card if need be to purchase expensive items that she slowly pays off.

Charlie is constantly looking for fashion inspiration for not only her line of work but also her own personal creativeness. She spends majority of her disposable income on clothing and accessorizing. Like many other women within her market she has a strong brand loyalty and places much more importance on brand and quality over price. Charlie is constantly looking to discover and test new concepts and products; she strives to be ahead of the pack in fashion and technology and prefers not to follow the crowds. She is constantly innovating and aligning herself with brands that do the same, expecting the core ideal to
remain as innovation keeps pace with her.

Charlie is highly computer literate and spends a considerable amount of her time online. She regularly checks and updates her social networking sites, using devices such as mobiles, ipads and computers. Whilst online Charlie will do multiple things at once, she will chat with friends on her Facebook site, update her twitter post, check her favourite blogs for new updates and also look for any new items placed on her favourite online stores.  While her parents taught her to look to experts or professionals for advice. Her upbringing within the digital age has made her rely more heavily on her peers, a group that extends beyond borders and her physical friends and into the online social world. She does this because she believes their advice about brands to be more unbiased and honest. She is also more likely to turn to online user reviews to learn more about a product or brand.