Organised caos.. Gathering my inspiration

(a bit of inspiration for the day from

At this point in my project i have realised i am going to need to gather up as much inspiration as i can from all the various places i am looking at.

This project has already pushed me so far out of my comfort zone and i have barely even begun, but with this image in mind, i want to make sure that i do not limit my research or inspiration, because i think things may be to hard, to expensive or just beyond my capabilities as a student. I plan on doing my research as if i have every resource and fund available to me and then i will cut it down.

I have begun to write down all the different avenues i need to be looking to for inspiration when designing Delemma: There are alot! no wonder my brain feels like it is going to explode!

Application Inspiration – I need to begin looking at what apps are available? What do they offer technologically that i need to make sure i provide in order to remain relevant in an industry that moves and advances so quickly. 

Layout Inspiration – I need to look into a number of different layouts, and find example that will suit Delemma the best. 

Enter pages- A start page i guess could be called a feature of layout, but i think it needs a section to itself. I have found a number of websites that employ create enter pages, i think they are a good way to draw your reader in and establish your sites credibility. 

Text and Graphic Inspiration- Texts and graphics is an extremely important part of any viewing platform i much research this area in depth.

Concept Inspiration- I have become so focused on the digital platform that i wont Delemma to be viewed on that i have started to let slip the reason why i am doing this in the first place. I want to create fashion films and photography. At this point i have worked out ROUGHLY what shoots i want to do and have come up with some vague ideas of concepts. I am not on the hunt for some good images of inspiration for this concept. 

Fashion Film Inspiration- within the concepts i am also looking to create fashion films. I do not have much experience with this, so i will be looking out for any fashion films that catch my eye. 

Hair and Make up Inspiration – Hair and make up will be a huge part of my work and consider these features as an artistry just as much as i do with the styling side.  

Location Inspiration- I will also need to start thinking about location that would be great to shoot at. I need to begin to gather any images that i like the location of the shoot and then start to think about what resources i have available to me to create or use a similar looking environment