Mangamorphis: Farrell and Parkin

Manga Optical Scanner 2009-10, digital colour printers edition of 6, 71.5-150cm

During the summer holidays i decided to open my eyes up to some experimentive photography and art. I feel that my work this year will benefit from me looking at new avenues of inspiration. 

Mangamorphosis is an exhibition that i attended at the Boutwell Draper Gallery. The series of works are manipulated self portraits of artist Farrell and Parkin, who seem interested in exploring perception and depth. The influence of manga style on the artworks is evident, with their characters encompassing the same large comic style eyes. The exhibition utilises both the visual and auditory senses of the viewers, with an audio soundtrack heightening the intensity of the works as well as helping to lead the viewer around the gallery.

I found there work extremely interesting and i liked the idea of manipulating and playing portraiture photography.