Glowing at the MET………. Katy Perry lights up the show

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Katy Perry lit up like the Disneyland light parade when she arrived at this year’s New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art  (MET) Ball. Hosted by Vogue editor Anna Wintour and TV host Oprah Winfrey, the star-studded MET ball is an event which attracts the toast of New York society.

Wearing  a  gown designed by CuteCircuit, which contained more than 3000 LEDs (the latest hi-tech lighting), it appeared initially that the normally adventurous singer had turned conservative, sporting a dress which one critic described as a ‘bow peep” outfit, and another  described as ‘frothy’. At first glance, Katy’s gown was relatively reserved for the usually off-beat dresser. The demure looking, floor-length, white and pastel outfit suggested that the normally out-there singer had decided to play it safe.

But that was before Katy,began change colours in her fantastic glow-in-the-dark colour changing gown.  On her arm was the dress designer, CuteCircuit’s stylish Ryan Genz, who added to the razzle ? dazzle by combining a classic formal suit with a luminous bow tie.

CuteCircuit, a fashion company based in London, specialises in wearable technology.

CuteCircuit founders Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz both hold Masters in Interaction Design from Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.

The designers used the smallest full-colour LEDs available. The dress concealed rows of LED fairy lights  which gave the design a fluorescent aura. The LED bulbs consume only a small amount of electricity, so can be powered by a number of small, flat, paper- thin batteries hidden in the dress. The controls for Katy’s dress were inside her bra!

This is not the first time Katy has lit up an event. Recently seen sporting trend setting glow in the dark Jimmy Choo shoes, the singer is no stranger to the latest in wearable technology.

Talking about ‘the dress’ after the prestigious event,  an up-beat Katy said that she wanted to represent those girls that   ‘just go for it and do their own thing’.  For Katy, fashion is all about owning a bit of ‘spontaneity and self confidence’. ‘I think sometimes in fashion it can get a little stuffy so I wanted to lighten up,’ she said.