Choosing a start Page

Whether i choose to place my work on an ipad application or a website i do intend to have an interesting feature that viewers will see before they enter the proper homepage.

I have done quite a bit of research into enter site pages that i like. Here are some examples.

AZB Creative:

text comes from all sides and forms into one title.

The site then has a unique section where it has a series of photographs showing paper being cut into the initials of the brand.

The final part to the opening page shows these white blocks come up and graphically fold like origami into letter which represent the various link to navigate around the site.

This site has a cute enter page where the letters ‘why’ are slowly filled up like test tubes until they bubble and overflow the page with orange. Once full the page then turn to the homepage.

This site has an enter page which depicts a ‘ink in water’ like image. The coloured ink flows to reveal the title of the site.