Behind the Scenes- Particulated Wonderland

Delemma’s, Emma Delaney teamed up with talented VFX team Lucid Edge to produce the ‘particle burst’ shoot. The concept involved teleporting the beautiful and inexhaustible Alice using advanced equipment to generate the imagery for the amazing visuals.

Shot over one day in a locomotive workshop at the iconic Australian Technology Park, the fusion of time periods and futuristic imagery artistically framed against  a grand  industrial space boasting  centuries old machinery, captures the curious striding Alice in her wonderland adventures..

Director Malcolm Beddows generates images of Alice as a super-human being, in an fantastical kaleidoscope of movement and colour.

Hair and make-up design and execution was done by Martin Bray and David Cranson- a perfectionist who sat and played with dyeing hair extensions till all hours the night before okaying the shoot which showed  Alice with her beautiful abstract hair.