Behind the Scenes- Hibernian

Check out all the action of Delemma’s “Hibernian” shoot. Little did our warrior models Renny Chivunga and Caitlin Simpson know that their battle would not only be in front of the camera but also behind the scenes. The crew for the day had to fight off rain, wind and arctic temperatures. The girls did a great job pushing through hours of preparation under the creative direction of Emma Delaney with make up extraordinaire Martin Bray and our amazingly talented hair stylist Christophe Conrad.  Cinematographer Rodrigo Vidal-Dawson with Directors Alan Harca and Jared Beekhuyzen had the girls strutting the decayed floors of the Hibernian House building in Surry Hills surrounded by incredible graffiti pieces, open fires, coloured flares and dimly lit stairwells. Delemma was lucky enough to be able to have colourist Trish Cahill work over our grade along with music composer Chad Cock who created the amazing track for the film.

The day would not have run smoothly without our assistant director Penelope Berkermeier, camera assistants Max Seagar and Vitor Queiroz along with Gaffer and Grip Andrew Ward and Kristian Bruneteau. Special Thanks to Justin de Knock for putting together this behind the scenes clip, Nikki Odriscoll for Catering for the day and UTS student Pirra Griffiths for offering up her brilliant swimwear ‘inhale exhale.’