A touch of sartorial genius… a rags to riches story

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Despite all the initial controversy there can be little doubt now that the advent of fashion bloggers onto the traditional media scene has taken the fashion industry by storm, take a look at the shot which appears at the bottom of this post. It comes from  The Satorialist’s fashion blog website. It just doesn’t get much better than this. Original quirky – what a great look. And look at the shoes. Fantastic. This guy is good.

The Satorialist, aka Scott Schuman burst onto the fashion scene in the mid 2000’s when he started his fashion blog. At the time, not only was Scott a relatively obscure part-time photographer and fashion salesman, but the blog itself was not a well known phenomenon.  Scott is on record as saying he was warned by friends in the industry that he would go broke.

Five years down the track Scott’s award winning fashion blog attracts visitors reported to number over two million a month. He is regularly a front row invitee to major catwalk fashion shows, works for a string of mainstream fashion magazines, including Vogue and GQ

Critics says that The Satorialist’s ‘street style’ photography is in fact not always as impromptu as it seems. Schuman has been accused of staging the fashion he photographs.

But staged or otherwise, his work has lifted the bar in fashion photography- with street fashion shots like the one featured below, who cares…

On the Street, pier 59, New York