A rainy day in Sydney…….and a shoulder bag to cry on

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It seemed that luxury luggage label Louis Vuitton had come up with an intriguing idea. Currently at the concept stage, according to the folks at LV, this is a handbag that ‘feels what you feel’.

You’ve heard of having a shoulder to cry on. Well it looks as if the team at Louis Vuitton were about to bring to you a handbag you can unload on.

My sister was impressed when she heard about it. ‘Oh good” she said. ‘I’ll buy one.  Just what I need. It’s so hard to get a sympathetic ear. I wonder how much it will cost’.

This was definitely a concept to Google to find out more about. Just think about it. Stressful days going it alone could be a thing of the past. With a trusty LV over your shoulder how could you go wrong!

First attempts at Google looked promising. There it was.  A URL address that -read -I kid you not- “…Louis Vuitton handbags-for men-emotional problems”. How cool is that? Men only?  Hmmn. What’s with the ‘men’ bit. What about tired and upset women?

It turns out the ‘handbags for emotional men’ web site was into a bit of search engine optimisation. Sure they were selling Louis Vuitton handbags, but the emotional men had nothing to do with the handbags. I forget what they were emotional about but it had to do with some tragedy unrelated to Louis Vuitton, and certainly nothing that could be assisted by having a sympathetic handbag slung over your shoulder.

My sister is not impressed. She was looking forward to this ‘must have’ accessory. ‘I was even fantasizing that we  (her and her handbag)  would be simpatico in difficult situations’ she said. I thought I could have a handbag that would re-assure me that ‘it was   them and not me that is the problem!”

So much for the accessory of a lifetime.  As for the ‘emotional’ handbag which promised to ‘feel what you feel’ – things seem to have gone quiet on the Louis Vuitton front.  Perhaps the bag might not have moved past the concept stage.

But on the scarce available information, it seems that at best, the LV  ‘emotional’ handbag was only ever at best  some sort of heart monitor.  So much for the ‘it feels what you feel’ blurb. What a shame. For a while it was good to think it was possible to buy a personal companion handbag. My sister is devasted. ‘I was prepared to do without for a month to save up for it’ she said. Oh well. Next time perhaps.