Inspirational Bloggers…

As part of this project i need to look into who is already out there, who is successful and why

I need to asses why i feel they are so inspirational to my work and what successful elements i can take from there work to mentor my own.

The satorialist

I chose The satorialist because its creator Scott Shuman shares a similar interest in creating a blog with unique photography. His work displays an appreciation for not only fashion but also architecture. Although I do not intend on creating much street style work I am inspired by his drive to receive inspiration but in doing so also provide inspiration.

Style rookie

Style Rookie creator Tavi Gevinson’s blog speaks to a new generation of fashion audiences and addresses the contemporary issue or editorial versus online with a simple belief that collaboration prevails over competition. This attitude and unique style aesthetic is a strong aspiration for my proposed website site, in which I hope to blur the boundaries between magazine and blog.

Fashion Hayley

Fashion Hayley is a local inspirational blogger, who built success from a personal blog about her travels. Hayley Hughes is a mentor to me as she has found success by doing something for no reason other than personal interest with no intentions of financial gain. This unique recipe of passion and enthusiasm is ironically I feel the key to her success, Nevertheless, I intent for my site to be motivated by my passion for styling, photography and fashion regardless of its rewards.

Byran Boy

is the pen name of Bryan Grey-Yambao, a Filipino fashion blogger. His blog takes an distinctive look at the fashion scene providing a more personal approach to blogging with a lot of the content being photographs of him self and his experiences and often a raw unseen look at the backstage fashion world. This technique of blogging allows the audience to experience what he experiences and be inspired by his inspiration, I hope that in turn my website will hold a similar philosophy.